UNDA PRISCA means PRIMORDIAL WAVE. PRISCA refers to something enduring, lasting and always the same, meanwhile UNDA means something new, fresh and without stable or permanent form...

Laime Kiskune

Designing perfumes is my professional occupation.
Art of aroma blending is my meditation, yoga of the daily routine which substitutes other spiritual practices.
While blending aromas I can reach my highest level of concentration, turn off the noise of my thoughts, to stop the perennial train of thoughts and at least partially silence my mind. My education is in botany, pharmaceutics and perfumery.

LAIME KISKUNE is a long standing promoter of olfactory culture and art, teaching people of different ages and walks of life to comprehend the olfactory world and fostering the use of fragrances as art medium. Together with the team of talented creators, in an informal lab of Officina Artis Odorum Laime designs exhibition concepts, fragrances, perfumes and exhibits for olfactory exhibitions. This lab has accumulated an impressive collection of rare natural aromatic substances – the aromatheque. In the lab of Officina Artis Odorum, Laime has designed an original brand of perfumes Unda Prisca.

Education of professional perfumer opens wide opportunities for olfactory art in creating olfactory projects as well as perfumes.

2017 "Hanging Gardens" in the National Library of M. Mažvydas together with Hortus Apertus group, Vilnius.
2016 "The Aromas of Petersburg’s Routine", St. Petersburg, The Museum of Everyone and All, gallery "Vnutri". ‘The Scent of Identity of Lithuanian Food’ in Venice Biennale of Architecture.
2015 "The Fragrance of Opera" exhibition of scents of a theatre at LNOBT, Vilnius.
2010 The first olfactory exhibition in Lithuania "Rose Garden", Gallery "Titanikas", Vilnius.
2009 "Scents of Old and New Vilnius", in the framework of the project Vilnius - European Capital of Culture, Vilnius. "Lasting and volatile scents of a transient city", "Harmonies of fragrance and music – an interactive synaesthesia of music and scents", "A trip to Babylon: the most ancient fragrances of the world", and Unda Prisca perfumes – these are just several olfactory stops on the creative road of Laime and Officina Artis Odorum lab.

Laime lives and works in Vilnius. When not travelling the world collecting aromas and aromatic substances or designing olfactory exhibitions, most often she can be found concentrated at the perfume organ, submerged in olfactory accords.

Alge Julija

This is an attempt to create a new language and its system of written signs, so that a smell that has no visible and audible form would be conceivable by the more developed sensory organs. This represents a huge leap in the art and human perception, which is comparable to the first manifestations of the perspective in the Gothic art and the comprehensive development of the linear perspective in the art of the Renaissance, shifting the three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional space.

ALGE JULIJA is an artist working in the field of graphics and glass. She was the author of the visual concept of this project. In Unda prisca's activities she is not only generates ideas and scenarios, but also implements them.
In order to create installations and branded style of Unda prisca she chose Japanese gampi and kozo paper and printed original linocuts on it. The resulting graphic prints were powdered with natural mineral and gold dust, so that their surface could reflect light. Sculptural objects created from them resemble dichroic glass that changes color depending on the position of the eye.

The scent, moving in time and space, resembles a sound that can also be expressed by notes, although notes are not necessarily sounds. Therefore, there is no need to use specific or abstract elements to describe or represent the scent. A point, let's say, has the potency to remain an abstract point or go step by step and become a line, and line in turn re-shapes into a concrete expression of one form or another. And if, in the imaginary future, art wants to exist, it has to develop its undeveloped organs, which can be described as media without coherent cognition.
One of them is the smell.

2017 "Finland 100 year Päivi and Paavo Lipponen Foundation Collection Exhibition" Salon Dahlmann, Berlin.
2016 "International Biennial Print Exhibit:2016 ROC". National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan.
2016 "Kuvan Kevat" Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki
2015 "Miniprint" mini prints of Israeli artists. "Zikit studio" Fine Art Print Gallery. Ramot Meir, Israel.
2013 Artists book exhibition. Gallery "Katariina", Helsinki
2012 "From Surface to Space". Suvilahti hall, Helsinki
2011 Poster exhibition "Crossroads" in the memory of writer J.Ivanauskaite 50 years birth anniversary. "Vartai" gallery, Vilnius
Works in collections:
Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art, Paavo and Päivi Lipponen Foundation, Helsinki
Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung Taiwan
Suomen Taideyhdistyks Finnish Art Society, Helsinki

Currently, Alge Julija lives and works in Finland.
To see more of her work, please visit: algejulija.com

Alexey Tsarev

Before meeting with Laime Kiskune, the world of smells was terra incognita for me. Therefore for me, as a photographer and a person who thinks in visual images, to work on this project was a great challenge.

Alexey Tsarev is a photographer working in the field of artistic and commercial photography. When he does not take photographs of the models and objects in the Paragon Retouch studio, he draws inspiration by taking snaps of atmospheric moments of the environment. His photographs can be equated to the works of impressionistic painting, in which the mood, color and light of a fleeting and ephemeral moment are given the greatest importance. Participating in the Unda Prisca perfume project as a photographer and illuminator, he not only developed a studio lighting for the installation, but also improved it during postproduction.

To embody associations generated by fragrances in light, colors and visual composition was a real adventure. And it would not be so marvellous and extraordinary if not the collaboration with the artist Alge Julija.

2016 Post-production agency Paragon Retouch is founded.
2013 Golden Pen - professional journalistic award of the St. Petersburg Union of Journalists - for the best photo of the year
2012 TimeOut Best Photo Award among all TimeOut editions in the World.
2007 work as a photo editor Afisha Petersburg magazine and TimeOut magazine Petersburg.

You can meet Alexey Tsarev in the galleries and parks of his native picturesque city of St. Petersburg. To see more of his work please visit: paragonretouch.com

Roman Sokolov

Smells sometimes complement the impression, and sometimes become the events.

Roman Sokolov is a photographer working in the field of journalistic photography. His photography is a modern reflection of the present. Its main actors are people, and place which is try to fixate - unusual life events. Roman's photography is characterized by duality and play between static immobility and dynamic impulse. When fixing events, he gives preference to monumental architectural forms and expressive language of the human body. Working on the Unda prisca project, he accomplished sculptural compositions moved fragile three-dimensional objects into the two-dimensional space of the picture.

The bitter, slightly sweet and fresh scent — is it a green and orange spot or can it be blue with a yellow gleam?
This project has become a great discovery for me. For the first time since childhood, I have immersed myself so deeply into the world of scents. Together we combined emotions, smells, color, light and composition, learning to speak a new language, so rich in form and manifestation.

Roman often changes his place of residence, since unusual events do not always occur in the same place. But at a time when he does not take photographs, he can be met in St. Petersburg.

Adomas Dicius

Programming is creativity. Both creativity and programming give the body to forms of thought.

Adomas Dicius is a professional programmer and designer. In this project he was engaged in programming and performed his task with a creative and artistic drive. Adomas' webpages are exclusive because he seeks to expand the programming boundaries, flexibly combining them with elements of the graphic design of the page.
In the development of the Unda Prisca website, a key role was entrusted to the point of the beginning and the end, a shining or hidden point, moving through all the pages and uniting them into a single, multi-layer perfume story.

Programming and creating perfume have much in common. Particularly important for both processes are details, their interconnectedness and order. It is a combination of certain parts, arranged in a certain order so to obtain a certain result, the most beautiful illusion that lives its own life.

Adomas currently lives in Rome. You can find out more about him and his work at adomasdicius.com

Botanical Perfumery

The credo of our small company and lab is this: professionalism, artistry and honesty.
UNDA PRISCA authentic botanical perfumery is completely natural, without a single drop of any synthetics.

UNDA PRISCA perfumes substances are extracted using technologies that are least harmful to the nature and the plants: supercritical CO2 extraction, distillation with water and steam, use of low energy consumption technologies.
These are products from small farms and eco companies, produced by conscientious and honest people, who think not only about their profits, but also about the relationship between the human and the plant, about preserving communities and restoration of ecosystems.

Modern natural perfumery is innovative area of arts, science and praxis in natural perfumes, connecting historical traditions, respectful attitude towards nature and its resources, use of most advanced and latest technologies of aroma extraction: CO2 extraction, molecular distillation, production of tinctures by ultrasound, etc.
Modern botanical perfumery is not a repetition or resurrection of 18th-19th century perfumery.

This name was depreciated over the last decades, but it’s not an obstacle to restore it to new life.
Sparkling, light, reminiscent of the old waters of Cologne, this cologne is a genuine discovery and a great pleasure to many people who like wearing perfumes.


Cologne is less concentrated then perfume, therefore its fragrance is lighter, not so obliging and less irritating to those around. You can wear and enjoy it at any time of day or night. It’s true adornment in the daily routine. Just as a ray of sun, a breath of fragrant wind or an unexpected visit of a flower blossom aroma...