Perfume in its very essence can be a narrative, a story without words and images, revealed through its fragrance.


Neither creator nor the scenter have immunity to hedonistic emotions: the like/don’t like. However, successful creation of olfactory art or perfumery may transform their sensory emotions into aesthetic experience, which takes place at the moment when the scenter feels to have perceived the work of olfactory art.

IN the way one employs language of images, sounds or movements it is also possible to use the language of scents. Fragrances to creator is the same medium as words to poet, paints to painter and body to dancer. Through fragrances designer can tell meaningful stories, create architecture of aroma and of the entire phenomena, bring closer eras, cross boundaries of time and space. And all that can penetrate the mind and the heart of the one who smells, to wake up ideas, memories and imagination.

If scents locked in a bottle mean anything and have their counterparts in memories, imagination, dreams or real world, then they can be read, uncovered and revealed layer by layer, wave after wave.