Unda Prisca

Lavender Eau De Cologne



Herbs and spices, lightly smoky with a touch of shiraz and a hint of rustic style.
Key base materials essential oils of sandal and amber, and tobacco absolute;
in a tune of heart are joined French lavender absolute, essential oils of tarragon and fragrant sage;
the upper note is sounded by essential oils of orange, herbs and white magnolia.


This is authored botanical perfume, created by Laime Kiskune.
The process of creation of this Eau de Cologne lasted four years, from 2012 to 2016.
The multi-layered texture of the aroma is woven from twenty natural substances.


Homage: This Eau de Cologne is dedicated to first western perfumers: Septimus Piesse and the undeservedly forgotten true author of the water of Cologne Giovanni Paolo Feminis from Vigezzo valley in Piemonte, whose formula of the fragrance was later successfully traded by his countryman G. M. Farina, who became worldwide famous.

This is aroma from the earliest memories. It comes from the period when you do not understand your experiences, because memory just begins to form, when you do not know how to name and where to place the fresh, dewy sweet smelling meadows, freshly mown, dark green bleeding grass, a creek and heated stones… you simply bask and live in these smells. Gradually the world opens up and you are struck by the flair of approaching unavoidable events… There isn’t much sweetness and rationale here…


It is first of the four in the series of colognes, expressed through color and form, given birth in the depth of primordial sea.
This new, yet unfamiliar beauty is like the Venus of Sandro Botticelli before inhaling her first breath. The most current technology captured the moment right before her breath, before she comprehends herself while being already present and never ceasing to exist. This is a vortex with no beginning and no end, a whirlpool turning in and by itself and filling our world with endless conversion and motion.


This Eau de Cologne is made from 100 percent natural ingredients.
Ingredients: food grade alcohol, aromatic substances (100 percent natural), also limonene, linalool, eugenol, coumarin, citronellol – natural ingredients of essential oils.

CO2 extracts, natural isolates, absolutes and essential oils are made from wild plants and renewable sources, distilled in small farms.

30 ml

Ingredients INCI: alcohol, parfum (100% natural); natural constituents in essential oils – limonene, linalol, eugenol, coumarin, citronellol.

Producer: Osmodomus, UAB